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Top 15 Tattoo Shops To Check Out In Milwaukee For 2018

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These are just a few of the shops I myself would recommend. Why you ask? Yes some are friends, some I have worked with, well others I always just hear great things about From being in the industry, and living in Milwaukee for the past 10 years. So yes I really wouldn’t want to push anyone in the wrong direction. That could also reflect poorly on the Industry itself. With that in mind. Always remember to check portfolios yourself, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, if your trying to do a walk-in tattoo be sure to call ahead. If your looking for a bigger project set up a consultation. And make sure you and your artist are on the same page before committing and leaving a deposit. Remember this isn’t tvland great art takes time!

This list is not in any particular order just by parts of the city etc.

So figure I would start out on The Eastside / RiverWest / Shorewood area.

Adam Bomb Gallerie

Custom Tattoo

RiverWest Tattoo Co

Good Land Tattoo

Ghost Light Tattoo

Walkers Point / Downtown, Bayview, Southside West Allis area etc.

Brew City Tattoo

Walkers Point Tattoo

Studio 84 Tattoo Co

Solid State Tattoo

Old Salt Tattooers

Corner Stone Tattoo

Old Milwaukee Tattoo Co

Yuca Chen Tattoo

Sanctuary Tattoo Society

Rock Star Tattoo Co

So that’s the list. I’d also like to say check out Horse Shoe Tattoo in Bayview. Just couldn’t find a link to add online, but have some very talented artist as well. And if you make it out to Waukesha You defiantly need to Check Out Skully and his crew at Jedi Tattoo.Thanks and wishing you all a Great and Happy New Year!

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